Spotlight on Boldly Unique Fascinators

By: Farrah Estrella

Photo Credit Tabitha Mccausland
Boldly Unique custom made fascinators are stylish, unique and eye-catching. This fascinator design company is based in Florida and it was founded in 2011 by Model Christine Colbourne. Christine created the company after she designed her own wedding fascinator and received so many compliments on it from friends and family. Soon after she created the company Michelle Stevens joined the Boldly Unique designing team.

Photo Credit Tabitha Mccausland
This dynamic duo makes handcrafted, one of kind pieces using only the best quality materials including vintage buttons and brooches, feathers, flowers, ribbons, jewels, lace and more. Their creations are for the woman that dares to be different and is not afraid to take risk with fashion.
Fascinators are a more glamorous alternative to Hats, they are a beautiful hair accessory and some can even be considered as pieces of Art.
Photo Credit Tabitha Mccausland

In addition to their already made unique pieces, they can design custom made –to-order fascinators following the customer’s specifications and choice of materials. You can wear your custom made fascinator to a cocktail party, a wedding or just simply because you want to make a statement. Models wear them for photo shoots and they are a common accessory on couture shows and magazine spreads.

Photo Credit Tabitha Mccausland
Boldly Unique fascinators are also very affordable. Price ranges from $35 to $165 dollars, and it could be more depending on the piece and the materials. Visit their website to take a look at their four collections: Harlem, Cocktail, Lids and Bridal.
Visit for more infromation and to shop.Like them on Facebook at:

Photo Credit Tabitha Mccausland

By Farrah Estrella

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