Celebrity Spotlight: Pro RedBull Skater Luis Tolentino‏

By: Farrah Estrella

Pro Skater Luis Tolentino

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, pro skateboarder Luis Tolentino has inspired kids around the world, both through his skating and his desire to give back.
Check out our exclusive interview with the Pro Skater below.

1-When did you start skating, at what age?

I started skating when I was 10 years old and when I started I just did it for fun. I just like the way it felt. I loved the feeling while I was skating. At the time I didn’t know that I could make money doing it or that I could be on TV or help my family.

2-You made your acting debut in the film “Pablo on Wheels”, how was that experience and are you planning to continue acting?It was amazing and strange at the same time. It was different but in a good way. I would love to continue acting, I am not afraid to go for it.
3-You are from Dominican Republic but you were raised in New York, do you  often go back to  D.R.?Yeah, I am actually  going to Guatemala, Panama and Dominican Republic this year on another skating tour.

4-There aren’t a lot of Latinos in Skateboarding, why do you think that is?Skateboarding started in California and because people only saw” white” kids doing it they assumed it was a “white people” sport only. When I first started I used to get harassed and made fun of because I was skating. My friends used to tell me: Are you serious? You are going skating? They used to call me names like white boy for example but I didn’t care. I love skating.

5-What are you  most proud of? I am proud that I stay connected to my roots, I know where I come from and the fact that I can actually give back to people is rewarding.

6-What are your future goals? 
I want to break the Guinness world of records this year for skating (highest ollies).

7-Are you going to the X-Games this year?I wouldn’t mind going but I want to break the record first.
8-I am really into fashion but are you a fashionable guy?
I really wasn’t into fashion when I was younger it was whatever to me., I really didn’t care but now I do. I would like to have my own clothing line that caters to the skating world. I would love that!.

8-We like to end our interview by asking: What is your favorite quote or words of wisdom?It is my own quote, I always say: “Be yourself, we all have our own unique fingerprint for a reason”.

Pro RedBull Skater Luis Tolentino

Take a look at this video about Luis Tolentino below:

 ***Photos Courtesy of RedBull***

By Farrah Estrella

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