My current fashion obsession: Obi Belts

By: Farrah Estrella
Hola Estrellitas!!

I am currently obsessed with Obi Belts. Inspired by Japanese
Obi sashes (worn with Kimonos), they are usually made out of leather but they
can be made out of fabric too just like the ones for the Kimonos.
Obi belts of course are nothing new but as a plus size girl, I
have never been able to find a belt that fits so great. Most belts that are
made for plus size women are either too thin or made out of elastic and if you
have rolls like most of us do, the belt is going to roll up. The Obi belt
doesn’t do that and that is why I like it so much. Because of the wide band, it
feels secure and it looks very elegant with anything you wear.
Check out some of my favorite ones below as well as a few
examples of how I incorporated the belt into some of my looks in the
past. What do you guys think?. Leave your comments below.

Check out some of my looks in the past wearing the Obi belt:

By Farrah Estrella

Farrah Estrella is an award winning Latina, plus size, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. A native of the Dominican Republic, she was a previous writer for and has been the editor of the Estrella Fashion Report since 2012. Follow her on twitter at @FarrahEstrella and @EstrellaFReport

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  • Curvy CEO

    August 25, 2015 at 8:29 pm

    I *love* Obi belts! Well, big belts generally – gotta accent those curves by showing off that tiny waist!

    1. Farrah Estrella

      August 27, 2015 at 2:10 pm

      Yes!! I agree we have to accentuate those curves..xo

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