13 Art Institutes Designers Showcased Collections at NYFW 2016

Farrah Estrella
13 Art
Institutes designers showcased their collections during New York Fashion Week 2016, that was held last
week at the Skylight at Moynihan Station, The Arc in New York City.

the designers were current students and recent graduates, they presented 12 collections
(11 individual ones and one design duo). The show also featured Artist Lily Qian, who
sketched one look from each designer’s collection as the models walked down the
runway, resulting in a one of a kind mural representing each participating designer.

The participating
designers were very diverse, came from different backgrounds and from as fas as Miami, Philadelphia,
Phoenix, New York, Portland, Houston and Vancouver.  They were:

Designer #1: German Madrigal (Apparel
Design BFA student, The Art Institute of Portland) – His “Equilibrium” collection
was sleekly influenced through experimentation with the minimalistic side.
Boldly defined lines with fine tailoring created a minimalistic androgyny.
German Madrigal at NYFW 2016 
Designer #2: Zenia Da Sousa (Graduate,
BFA Fashion Design program, 2015, Miami International University of Art &
Design)- Her men’s and women’s collection “The Real Life” was
heavy on details yet decidedly clean in aesthetic. It showed fashion and
architecture walking side by side combining urban edge as seen in industrial
Zenia Da Souza at NYFW 2016 
Designer #3: Kimberly Richardson (Graduate,
AAS Fashion Design program, 2015, The Art Institute of New York City) –
Corrosion melded into candescence ignited this collection, “Spontaneous
 Using suede, denim, linens, and leathers, this collection
was a contemporary take on the Japanese Shibori dyeing technique.
Kimberly Richardson at NYFW 2016 
Designer #4: Sebastian Cubides (Fashion
Design BFA student, Miami International University of Art & Design) – A midsummer night’s dream with industrial nymphs came together to create this men’s and
women’s modern collection titled, “Nemophilist.” It featured
elongated silhouettes with inventive detailing that embodied a European
sportswear vibe.
Sebastian Cubides at NYFW 2016 
Designer #5: Stephanie Castanon (Graduate,
BFA Fashion Design program, 2015, Miami International University of Art &
Design)- “Beneath The Surface” featured iridescents that were
set off against black shapes in thisstrongly feminine collection with gothic

Stephanie Castanon at NYFW 2016 

Designer #6: Christopher Leveille & Djoone’s Altenor (Fashion
Design AAS students, The Art Institute of New York City)– Their
collection “Urban Nomad” was comprised of men’s layered street wear
that appeared pumped up to near couture proportions in leathers, denim, fleece,
and jersey.
Christopher Leveille & Djoone’s Altenor at NYFW 2016
Designer #7: Nhi Nguyen (Graduate BFA Fashion
Design program, 2015, The Art Institute of Houston)– Mixing
metallic fabrics with geometric shapes, this collection made a futuristic “Statement
with a classic, defined retro style. It sustained feminine sophistication with
a modern but youthful twist using layers of fabrications and handwork that look
at once dressy yet approachable.
Nhi NGuyen at NYFW 2016 
Designer #8: Tatiana Cochagne (Fashion
Design BS student, The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale)- Forever “Eterna,” this
Elizabethan infused collection, used elaborate fabrics that danced decadently
in a fashion conscious era. It held court using geometric lines with a baroque
flair and non-conventional fabrications.

Tatiana Cochagne at NYFW 2016 

Designer #9: Bahareh Memarian (Graduate
Fashion Design diploma program,  2015, The Art Institute of Vancouver)-
Reminiscent of a sultry and luxe past where the silver screen stars smoldered
in meticulous fashion, her “Externa” collection evoked 100%
cruelty free glamour in ornate detail.
Bahareh Memarian at NYFW 2016 
Designer #10: Lavan Chxeidze (Graduate AAS Fashion
Design program, 2015, The Art Institute of New York City)- Uber feminine
menswear or masculine womenswear?  A question everyone asks after viewing
this collection. This avant-garde collection inspired by the 1932 film Shanghai
 captured the diverse flow of fabrics, challenging the
boundaries of menswear.

Lavan Chxeidze at NYFW 2016 

Designer #11: Alejandra Insuna (Fashion
Design BA student, The Art Institute of Phoenix)– Her
collection “Silent Epic; A Winter Shade Of Pale” expressed a
futuristic journey integrating stark white sculptural dresses, classic cuts,
and retro looks.
Alejandra Insuna at NYFW 2016 
Designer #12: David Marquise Seward (Graduate
AS Fashion Design program, 2015, The Art Institute of Philadelphia)- His
collection “Inuit Culture” was inspired by his passion for the
beauty of the bizarre found in architecture.  The garments that closed out
the show seemed in tune with his vision of tidy symmetry mingled with vibrant
prints and textures.
David Marquise Seward at NYFW 2016 
The collections
were very interesting and inspirational indeed, these students are super
talented. What do
you guys think? Which one is your favorite?. 
more information about the Art Institutes, as well as their classes and programs, visit their website at www.artinstitutes.edu.

By Farrah Estrella

Farrah Estrella is an award winning Latina, plus size, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. A native of the Dominican Republic, she was a previous writer for Examiner.com and has been the editor of the Estrella Fashion Report since 2012. Follow her on twitter at @FarrahEstrella and @EstrellaFReport

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