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16 Fashionable iPhone Covers



16 Fashionable iPhone Covers

As a fashion blogger, I have to tell you guys that I love my cell phone and I literally can’t live without it. It is one of the most important tools for my job. Since it is an extension of me and I carry it with me everywhere, I would say that it is my most fashionable accessory too. With that being said, my cell phone cover has to be cute too.

I am #TeamiPhone guys, sorry!!. I’ve had both an Android and an iPhone in the past and the iPhone just works better for me, especially for what I need to do, when it comes to my business/blog. Because I like all things cute, when I saw these iPhone covers I had to share them with you guys.

Check out some of the cutest and most fashionable iPhone covers on the market right now, in the links down below. Which one is your favorite?


Fashionable iPhone Covers

1-Gold Glitter Cat iPhone Cover 
2-Pineapple iPhone Case
3-Cool Cat iPhone Case
4-Lips iPhone Case
5-Blue and White Striped iPhone Case
6-Sequin Star iPhone Case
7-Love You Mean It iPhone Case
8-Pelican iPhone Case 


Fashionable iPhone Covers

9-Moschino Fresh iPhone Cover
10-Black Swan iPhone Cover
11-Watermelon iPhone Cover 
12-Donut iphone Cover
13-Kooky Cat iPhone Cover
14-Coca Cola iPhone Case 
15-Unicorn iPhone Case
16-Stripe Kooky iPhone Case


By Farrah Estrella

Farrah Estrella is an award winning Latina, plus size, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is also a fitness enthusiast and food lover. A native of the Dominican Republic, she has been the editor of the Estrella Fashion Report since 2012. Follow her on twitter at @FarrahEstrella and @EstrellaFReport

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