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First look at the Tiffany & Co. 2017 Home & Accessories Collection

tiffany and company home and accessories collection

Tiffany and Co. 2017 Holiday Home and Accessories Collection

Hola Estrellitas! If you thought that you couldn’t afford Tiffany & Co. well, now you can! The luxury retailer unveiled today a new home and accessories collection just in time for the holiday season that is trendy and affordable, at least some of it. The prices start at $95 dollars for the china paper cups and goes up to $9,000 dollars for a silver ball of yarn. The collection was designed by the company’s new chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff, who previously worked for Coach and had his own brand of luxury handbags.

First of all…LOL…I want everything! The entire collection, thank you very much, especially all of the Tiffany Blue items. So many gorgeous pieces that would look great in your office but that would also be great for Christmas or Wedding gifts, such as: Notebooks, pens, handbags, money clips, keychains, travel bags, note cards, scarves, ties, and much more. I feel like this collection will be very appealing to Millennials, who won’t splurge on diamonds but would definitely buy a coffee mug, or a fancy pen from Tiffany’s.

Tiffany & Co. Home and Accessories Collection

Tiffany & Co. Home and Accessories Collection

Tiffany & Co., is the epitome of American Luxury. Those blue boxes are known all over the world and any woman would literally faint if she gets a Tiffany gift (hint, hint!!). According to their website, the company was “founded in New York in 1837 and it is the world’s premier jeweler and America’s house of design. An iconic brand with a rich and storied heritage, Tiffany is a global manufacturer and retailer of jewelry and luxury accessories. The company operates more than 300 TIFFANY & CO. stores in more than 20 countries”.

Shop for the collection online at and check out a few of my favorite pieces below.

Tiffany & Co. China Paper Cups $95 

Tiffany and company china paper cups

Tiffany Blue Women’s Tote Bag  

Tiffany and company women's tote bag

Executive Tiffany Ballpoint Pen  

Executive Tiffany Ballpoint Pen

Tiffany Blue 13″ Vanity Case 

Tiffany Blue Vanity Case


tiffany and company yoyo

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