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Jewel-Toned Maxi Dress

palmero soho maxi dress from soft surroundings

Hola Estrellitas! While doing some holiday shopping last week, I stopped by a store called Soft Surroundings at my local mall and found out that they were closing. I was sad to see this because I remember going to the grand opening of this store.

jewel toned maxi dress

While there, I found a few nice pieces including this jewel-toned maxi dress. The fit of the dress was excellent and the rose gold buttons were such a nice detail. I can honestly say that this dress look much better in person than it does in pictures. The pictures don’t do it justice.

jewel-toned maxi dress

This is one of those dresses that you have to try on before you buy it. It doesn’t look like much on the shelf but when you put it on, it’s a different thing.

Personally, I just think that this dress just needed a belt and some curves. What do you guys think? Let me now in the comments section below.


Palmero Soho Maxi

palmero soho maxi dress

Nude Sandals

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By Farrah Estrella

Farrah Estrella is an award winning Latina, plus size, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is also a fitness enthusiast and food lover. A native of the Dominican Republic, she has been the editor of the Estrella Fashion Report since 2012. Follow her on twitter at @FarrahEstrella and @EstrellaFReport

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