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New Big & Tall Menswear Collection Alert: MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn


Big & Tall Line MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn

Hola Estrellitas! From time to time, I get emails from you guys about wanting more articles on Big & Tall menswear lines. Although, there are a lot of them out there, I only like to share the ones that I am excited about.

Today, I want to share with you guys this new Big & Tall line that I just discovered. It is called MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn. That name may sound familiar to you guys and it’s because it is. Mo Vaugh is a former three-time MLB All Star and he was the 1995 MVP, that’s Most Valuable Player in case you didn’t know, hence the name of the line MVP. It could also be because of his productions company called Mo Vaughn Productions, either way, it’s a great name for a brand fit for an MVP.


Big & Tall Line MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn

There are two things that I am loving about the line, the first thing is that it is all made in USA with high quality fabrics and the second thing is that Mo himself is a Big & Tall guy and he understands his customer. Shopping options for Big & Tall guys are hard to find, especially for them to be reasonably priced, have great fit and are fashionable. This line has all three.


Big & Tall Line MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn

Launched in 2016, the prices of the items range from $59 for a t-shirt to $398 for a sports jacket. So guys, check out the MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn on their website at


Big & Tall Line MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn


Big & Tall Line MVP Collections by Mo Vaughn


By Farrah Estrella

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