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OOTD Midi Skirt & Graphic Tee from the Ashley Nell Tipton X Boutique + Line by JCPenney

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Hola Estrellitas!! As you guys already know, last year’s Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton collaborated with JCPenney on their new plus size line called Boutique +  and I couldn’t wait to try the collection out.

Farrah Estrella-Estrella Fashion Report-OOTD-JCPenney-Ashley Nell Tipton

First of all, the collection is very affordable, nothing is over $100 dollars. It includes graphic tees, midi skirts, pencil skirts, jeans and bomber jackets, just to name a few. The pieces are very practical and most of them are pieces that you can wear in your everyday day life, such as to the office, to school, to the movies, to go out with your friends etc…

OOTD-Farrah Estrella-Estrella Fashion Report-Ashley Nell Tipton-JCPenney

I think that this is a great start for this collection, the graphic tees are adorable and the midi skirts are my favorites. I am super proud of Ashley Nell Tipton and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Now let’s talk about my outfit, the midi skirt is very comfortable, I am loving the print with the lipsticks, super cute!!…Of course the pockets on the skirt are a must have, everything should have pockets, every piece of clothing ever made, right?. Ashley gets us ladies, she does!!…LOL..

OOTD-Farrah Estrella-Estrella Fashion Report-JCPenney-Ashley Nell Tipton-

The graphic tee is actually high/low which I like a lot because it covers my tummy and my tush properly. I can also wear it with jeans too, that’s another option. The fabric feels soft and did I mention the prices? Yeah, I think I did already. You are going to look super cute and it won’t even break the bank.

Ashley Nell Titopn-JCPenney-OOTD-Estrella Fashion Report-Farrah Estrella

Now that you seen my outfit, go out and support Ashley’s collection. Buy something, even if just one of the graphic t-shirts. Your support will show retailers that plus size women like to shop, that we do support our own and this in turn, it’s going to open more opportunities and collaborations with designers and bloggers to bring us great plus size fashion at affordable prices. What do you guys think of my look? Leave your comments down below and let’s chat.

The Ashley Nell Tipton x Boutique + Collection is available now at all 500 JCPenney stores and only at

Live, Love & Inspire

OOTD-Estrella Fashion Report-JCPenney-Farrah Estrella-Ashley Nell Tipton

***This outfit was gifted to me by JCPenney but all opinions are my own***

Shop for my look in the links down below.

Lipstick Print Midi Skirt

Plus Size Midi Skirt-JCPenney-Boutique +, Ashley Nell Tipton

Boutique + Graphic Tee

Ashley Nell Tipton-JCPenney-Boutique Plus-Estrella Fashion Report


By Farrah Estrella

Farrah Estrella is an award winning Latina, plus size, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is also a fitness enthusiast and food lover. A native of the Dominican Republic, she has been the editor of the Estrella Fashion Report since 2012. Follow her on twitter at @FarrahEstrella and @EstrellaFReport

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