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The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales & Deals for 2016


Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales and Deals for 2016

Oh my!! It’s that time of the year again. Holiday shopping, traveling, eating delicious food, doing more shopping, more eating…LOL…Well, I think you get the point. It’s Holiday season and you know what that means: Sales & Deals.

Every year here at EFR we do a roundup of some of the best sales & deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to make it easier for you guys to shop. This year, we decided to include local shops, small boutiques and independent designers. We wanted to give them a chance to promote their products and hopefully, get some sales. As much as I love for you guys to shop the regular retailers, I really want you guys to support the entrepreneurs. Let’s help them grow their businesses and support them this holiday season. Have fun shopping everyone and be safe this holiday season.

Live, Love & Inspire


Small Independent Boutique Owners and Entrepreneurs (Shop Small)

-Brit’s BowTique
Get 30{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF use code: GIFT at Checkout

-Cameo de Bore Custom Clutches
Get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} Site Wide, valid from 11/23 to 11/29.

-Christian OmeShun
Get 40{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off use code : BLK40, Valid 11/24 to 11/26

-Charm Girl Lingerie
Get 25{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off from 11/24 to 12/28 use code HOLIDAYCHARM

-Entrepeneur Life Apparel
Get Free shipping and special gift sets just for the holidays from 11/25 to 11/30 use code FREESHIP

-Fashion Fab Boutique
Get 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off your entire purchase on the site- Valid from 11/23 to 11/29

-Honey’s Child Boutique
Get 25{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off the entire site plus free shipping on Cyber Monday

-Ivory Pear
30{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF the entire site, use promo code SHOP30 valid from 11/23 to 11/28

-Jay Jill Cosmetics
Give The Gift Of Glam Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Deals up to 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} Off in the “Deal of The Day” FREE S&H OVER $75

-Sunshine to Sunset 
Get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} the entire purchase from 11/19 to 11/28 use code BLACKFRIDAY2016

-Treasured Memories Diary( My Diary for Rembering and Healing) Book by JuliMarie Halifax 
Get 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF with discount code NY4V3QXR Valid 11/23 to 11/29

-Magnolia Ann
Get 40{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF EVERYTHING on the site use code BLACKFRIDAY40 Valid 11/24 to 11/28


Fashion Retailers

Get 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off $200 or more

-Coldwater Creek
Get 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF Sitewide plus free shipping (no minimum) Use code CHEER20 Valid 11/25

-Lord & Taylor
Free shipping on every order, get $20 off your $160 purchase, Use code BONUS Valid 11/21 to 11/28

Get an extra 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off with code Thanks, vaild 11/23 to 11/26 Free shippping at $50

-Nina Shoes
Buy one pair of shoes, get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off a second pair, use code GOBBLE at checkout  valid 11/24 to 11/27

-New York & Company 
Evrthing on slae up to 75{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off get an extra 10{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off use code 4734, All orders free ship

Get an extra 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} selected sale items

Get 30{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} selected items

Plus Size Fashion

-Addition Elle 
Get free ship over $120 and free returns, Black Friday in store only get an add. 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} sale items

-Ashley Stewart
Get 40{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF Everything on Black Friday and Free Shipping on all order

On Black Friday Get 30{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off everything use code Thankful30

Get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off everything sitewide use code Avthanks and free shipping

Get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} everything on black Friday use code FRIYAY50 ends midday

Get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} everything and free ship at $125 or more

-Dorothy Perkins
Get up to 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off

Free ship everything use code 5657, Get 30{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off $100 or more

Get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF the entire purchase use code FRENZY

-Fashion To Figure 
Get 40{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off Reg. Price, 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} Sale items and free shipping over $75

-Lane Bryant 
Get 40{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} OFF everything on Black Friday

-Old Navy
Get 50{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} everything, free ship at $50 or more

Black Friday deal, Get 40{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} everything, Free ship at $75

-Tia Lyn Lingerie
Get 10{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off , Exclusive for Estrella Fashion Report readers, Use code EFR Valid 11/23 to 11/29

-Wet Seal 
On black Friday Buy one get one Free, Free ship at $25



Free ship at $50, free 3 samples in every order


-Crate & Barrel
Get 15{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147}  from Nov 24-28, Free standard shiping on eligle items of $49 or more

-Pottery Barn
Get 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} off + Free Shipping use code GIVETHANKS

-Pier 1 Imports 
Free shipping over $49 use code FREESHIP49

Get 20{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} Art and Accessories use code Thanks20 , Get 15{f4f104417c9ad41c3090c48ffbf3737280584246b1c861fa3168a3f2cbe08147} furniture use code Thanks15 ends on 11/28

Oh and one last thing guys, check back often thoughout the day because if I find any more great deals, I will be adding them to the list. Let me leave you all with some holiday humor…


LOL..Have fun shopping!!

By Farrah Estrella

Farrah Estrella is an award winning Latina, plus size, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is also a fitness enthusiast and food lover. A native of the Dominican Republic, she has been the editor of the Estrella Fashion Report since 2012. Follow her on twitter at @FarrahEstrella and @EstrellaFReport

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