• On My Bucket List: 10 Countries I Want To Visit Before I Die

    Hola Estrellitas! I got the travel bug guys, really bad. I just want to see the world before I die. My husband and I have decided that every year, we are going to take a nice vacation somewhere to a dream location. This year, we visited London, Paris, and his home country of Ghana. We […]

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    June 7, 2018 By Farrah Estrella
  • EFR Travels: Puerto Rico 2017

    Hola Estrellitas!! I just got back from Puerto Rico, how exciting!!, this was my second trip out of the country this year and believe it or not, it was my first time in the beautiful island. Puerto Rico is so close to the USA and I have so many Puertorican friends, that I feel bad […]

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    April 4, 2017 By Farrah Estrella
  • EFR Travels: Dominican Republic February 2017

    Hola Estrellitas!! I am back from vacationing in my home country of the Dominican Republic. I haven’t been there in 12 years and I have to say that I missed it so much, 12 years is a long time. It was great to catch up with family, friends and be a tourist for a change. […]

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    February 28, 2017 By Farrah Estrella
  • Fashion Fab Boutique launches new product: The Travelista Luxury Travel Set

    Hola Estrellitas!! One of my favorite online Boutiques, Fashion Fab Boutique,ย launched a new product this week, the “Travelista Luxury Travel Set”. The Travelista Luxury Travel Setย includes a leather passport cover and a luggage tag designed specifically for the jet-setting fashionistas. This would be an amazing gift for a person who loves to travel and a […]

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    December 19, 2016 By Farrah Estrella