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EFR exclusive interview with actor Tunde Laleye


Nigerian Born and Tampa based actor Tunde Laleye

Tampa, Fl.-Nigerian born and Tampa Bay based actor Tunde Laleye is making his mark on TV Shows like “ZOO” (Season 1) on CBS and the History Channel series SIX” , where he now has a recurring role, but he is now setting his sights on Hollywood.

Tunde came to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria with his 3 brothers in 1997. One fun fact about him, that you may not know is that he has a degree as a Register Nurse. I met Tunde a few years ago, when he was a model here in Tampa and before he started acting. I knew then that he was a star.

Check out our exclusive interview below.

1-How did you get started in acting?
I got started in acting by a referral from a friend Shane Brown during a modeling runway show. I had a passion for it, when I was younger I did drama school plays and small theater but it was until I started studying under Kathy Laughlin that I was able to launch my career.

2-What has been the most challenging thing so far in your acting career?
I like to play complex characters, characters that would push my limits as an actor. Most of my complex character I am able to create in acting school, I get to explore the different sides of them. I also learn this is show business, you have to be in this business for the long run not just for the quick fame/rich lifestyle. This is my passion.

3-What would be your ultimate role?
I have fantasies of playing a character who is triumphant. A character similar to the Malcolm X character that Denzel Washington portrayed. A leader who leads their nation out of atrocities.

4-Tell us the name of an actor or actress you would love to work with? Why?
I have a few, I admire Denzel Washington, Forrest Whitaker, Leonardo Decaprio, and Angela Bassett because of the different dynamics that they bring. They are fascinating to watch and it would be a dream to work with any of these actors.

5-Tell us about your most current project, what are you working on?
I have a movie I’m currently booked on but I cannot disclose. I also have projects on a TV show that I cannot disclose as well. Sucks when you sign an NDA but the wait is well worth it.

6-Where can your fans find you?

I am online an on social media

Instagram @tundelaleye

Twitter.     @Zengatrouble

Facebook @Akintunde Laleye



Nigerian Born Actor Tunde Laleye

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