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Irina Bilka Hair Couture at The 13th Annual Wearable Art Fashion Show

Irina Bilka Hair Couture Photo by Jason Whitney

Irina Bilka Hair Couture Photo by Jason Whitney

Tampa-based professional hair and makeup artist Irina Bilka presented her “Hair Couture” collection at the 13th Annual Wearable Art Fashion Show, that was held at the Dunedin Fine Art Center this past weekend.

Theย Irina Bilka Hair Couture Collection included 6 dresses made from a mix of synthetic and real hair, all curled, styled, and hand stitched by hand.

Bilka was born in Siberia, Russia, and she is an award-winning, internationally published hair and makeup artist who has been in the business for over 13 years. She also loves fashion and that is why she decided to combine her two passions: Hair and Fashion.

When we asked her about what was the inspiration for the collection, she told EFR exclusively: “My inspiration for the collection came after I attended the Wearable Art Fashion Show last year and after watching the show, I got super inspired after seeing everyone’s creations and how talented they were”. She also added: “Since I am a hair stylist, the idea came to me of making “Hair Dresses” (Dresses made from hair) and I just went for it. I’ve always been into fashion and thought that bringing hair and fashion together would be amazing. That is how the Irina Bilka Hair Couture Collection got started”.

Irina Bilka Hair Couture Photo by Jason Whitney

Irina Bilka Hair Couture Photo by Jason Whitney

Even though this was Irina’s first fashion show, we know for sure that it won’t be her last, she is just so talented. Follow her journey on Instagram @Irinabilka and visit her website at for more information.

By Farrah Estrella

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